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  • What is Foot Zoning
    it is a science of balancing and restoring the body to its proper function and order through the feet. In our feet is a signal system that correlates with all the systems, organs, glands, and cells in our body. Through a series of massage therapy on the feet can help encourage your body to correct itself.
  • How long does a Zone take?
    For a first time foot zone that can take up to 1hr and 30mins but follow up zones take 1hr. Time can also vary depending on the size of your feet. Children and infants are generally half the time.
  • What are the benefits of getting Zoned?
    It varies from person to person. But for starters foot zoining encourages your body to go back in to alighnment. The zone will help your body to open up and move toxins, build up, blockages(emotional or physical), and so much more. To really find out you'll need to book yourself a zone with me.
  • Is it painful?
    Some parts of the zone can be painful depending on where your body is out of balance. For some the toes may be sensitive for others it could be the arch of their foot. Come the end of the zone the pain will be worth it. Your feet will feel light. You may also notice some other parts of your body responding to the zone as I work on your feet. For example when I moved the blood supply to the brain on a client her headache went away.
  • Who can get Zoned?
    Everyone!!! I zone babies to old ladies. But there my be some situations in life where you should wait before getting zoned and those would be, just had surgery, just had a baby, or are in 1st trimester of pregnancy. If you have any concerns about getting your feet zoned contact me.
  • Do I need to have what some people call beautiful feet?
    All feet are feet to me and they all tell a story about how our body is doing as a whole. That's what makes them beautiful to me. No need to be ashamed of your beautiful feet.
  • How much does it cost?
    First time full zone is $60 All other full zones after that are $50 (as long as it has been within 6 months) seek booking for more information on pricing when it comes to children and infants.
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