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Hi there! I'm Lacey


I'm on a journey to live more holistically. Here is a little preview of how I developed my love for all things holistic, natural, and true. While going to college, I debated on becoming a Nurse. I completed all the prerequisites and a few nursing classes. I loved the idea of helping people especially when it comes to health and healing.  But God showed me I didn't have to be a nurse to do that. In 2020 I trained and became certified in Zone Restoration Therapy.  I've been practicing ever since. I've found foot zoning to be a way to connect with my family, friends, and neighbors.


While I sit at your feet I encourage you to connect with your body and recognize what it is saying to you. How is your liver doing? Are you holding in any emotions? Being a young mom, I've been able to use this tool to help my husband and my two angel boys.

Foot Zoning has empowered me with confidence and has been the the foundation for all other holistic things I practice in my own home. For example; herbal remedies, buying organic/local, ditching harmful household items for homemade or natural products, growing a garden, and more to come I'm sure :)


 Zoning feet has changed me and it can change you. 


Come learn how foot zoning can help you on your health journey. Follow me on Instagram


mom to mom

let me share with you all the things about living holistically

<3 <3 <3

Guess what! I just launched a course with you in mind. It's called "For the Home Foot Zone Course." This course meets you where you're at and teaches you how to zone your little ones.


“I hadn't had my period in a while and that evening after Lacey zoned me I started ovulating"


"Lacey is so knowledgeable when it comes to your body and how its connected to your feet! I was seriously so shocked at all of the new information I learned. I love how she explains what she's doing during your foot zone. You can tell Lacey genuinely cares about your health. I cannot wait for my next foot zone with her."


“I'd hurt my elbow at work. Got zoned and used the Bemer; I had no pain all day and the next day.”
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