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This course is all about empowering moms to own their mothering intuition and never look back. 


Learning to Foot Zone will give you the ability to help connect with your child in a way you never thought possible! As you sit at their feet, helping to balance their spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being. While growing in your confidence to care for them and be their biggest cheerleader. 


This knowledge of how to complete a simple foot zone, will become a tool that you can use again and again throughout your child's life to care for them. 


Join me for a 4wk interactive course where you will learn in a group settling via zoom.


In this course you'll get:

- 90-page Course Book, with detailed directions on how to navigate a child's zone.  This has been designed by me, Lacey Hair, Certified Foot Zone therapist.

- 4 zoom Classes which will include instruction, teaching, and Q&A

- Basic Anatomy overview

- My personal book list

- Step by Step instructional videos that you'll always have access to through QR codes. 

- Additional video access to private trainings and instruction

- and more


I look forward to seeing you in the course!


Purchase your physical copy and online access to the “For the Home Foot Zone Course” here.


Once you purchase, make sure to create a log in and I will get you added to the private online course. Where you will have access to all the things to help you learn to zone your babies.


Free pickup is available in Kamas. Choose the free pickup option at checkout - ignore the address.



ON YOUR OWN "For the Home Foot Zoning Course" physical book and online course

  • Item Is non-refundable. 

    Item only ships to united states. 

  • All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any from or by any means, electric, mechanical, or photocopying, recording, or otherwise with out the prior permission of the publisher.  2022

    I'll trusting you to be honest with your dealing with me and the things I intrust in your possession. 

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