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About Me

Hi I'm Lacey 

Not only am I a Certified Zone Restoration Therapist (aka a Foot Zone Therapist). Im also young mom who loves all things holistic health. I want to raise my kids in a way that they will intune with their bodies both physically and spiritiually. That is why I learned how to zone feet. Come learn for yourself.

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Legal Disclaimer

I understand that Foot Zone Practitioners do not practice medicine, do not diagnose or treat a specific illness and do not give prescriptions for drugs. I understand that Foot Zone Technique is not a substitute for medical treatment, but compliments most therapies. I understand that I should inform my doctor of receiving Foot Zones if I have a condition that requires monitoring. I take responsibility for my own medical decisions and hold my Foot Zone Therapist harmless regarding my decisions. Foot Zone Balance is a precise physical balance applied cia directed pressure to the various ‘zones’ of the feet. The Zone Balances Practitioners manipulates the foot and interpret the ‘messages’ it conveys through discoloration, spost, inflammation, and tenderness. I understand this can start a cleansing process within my body and that I need to increase my water to assist my body and avoid feeling ill. In this form I giving my consent to receive a Foot Zone from Lacey Hair.

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