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Hi I am Lacey

A Certified Foot Zone Therapist
Sharing my passion of zoning with other moms who want to zone their babies. Sound like something your interested in?

Learn to zone your babies feet through my "For the Home" Foot Zone Course! 

Foot Zoning

is a holistic modality dating back to the time of the Egyptians. It is simple yet effective in helping the body restore and balance on a cellular level. This is done by massaging the feet with precision and technique. When done correctly it can help the body balance. Thus, creating harmony between all the body systems. To really understand what foot zoning is I highly recommend you try it out.  


“I hadn't had my period in a while and that evening after Lacey zoned me I started ovulating"


"Lacey is so knowledgeable when it comes to your body and how its connected to your feet! I was seriously so shocked at all of the new information I learned. I love how she explains what she's doing during your foot zone. You can tell Lacey genuinely cares about your health. I cannot wait for my next foot zone with her."


“I'd hurt my elbow at work. Got zoned and used the Bemer; I had no pain all day and the next day.”


“Lacey makes me and my feet happier by helping me make healthier life choices thru Foot Zoning. Yay!!”


“We went to Lacey for a foot zoning date and loved it! Lacey was spot on with everything.”

Testimonials from those I've zoned

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